WasteTracking.com - track waste and recycling from construction projects, buildings, schools and businesses and generate comprehensive reports and analytics. Waste Tracking made easy!

Solutions For:

Cloud-Based WasteTracking System
for Building Owners and Managers


Waste and recycling
information organized in one
central place.


Monitor waste hauler
activity for compliance and
with LEED.


Identify and capture waste
streams that generate


Generate comprehensive
reports with real-time statistics.

Improve Your
Bottom Line

More and more property owners and managers are finding
that quality tenants will not lease space from buildings that
does not implement, enforce and facilitate proper recycling
programs. In addition, transparency and reporting are
common requirements requested by today's
discriminate tenant.
Attract more Eco-Conscious high paying tenants with WasteTracking.com and increase your property values!

We'll Set You Up!
 We'll configure your system, load all your information,
 property profiles, and even upload all your existing
 historical data for you
 Track building or track thousands locally or
 across the globe
 Organize properties by country, state, region, and
 property types
 Generate custom waste tracking web sites for
 each building
We set up and configure your account for you!


Maximize your Return on Recycling
 Turn your waste streams into revenue
 Locate the highest paying recyclers for your materials
Turn trash into cash!

Material Types
Track normal everyday building waste like bottles and cans
as well as solid, liquid, hazardous waste plus construction
debris from tenant improvements.
Create your own custom list of materials!


Track Waste and Recycling from your building with ease:

 Implement your zero-waste policy
 Monitor waste streams in real time
 Track construction and demolition waste for
 additional LEED points
 Monitor hauler recycling activity
 Set custom notifications and alerts
 Verify proof of recycling
 Set and track waste diversion goals
 Document chain of custody
 Exported data to Excel and other formats

Data Entry
Recycling data can be entered in a variety of formats
including direct upload from your existing Excel files.
Directly connect with your waste hauler for real-time
data entry. If you send your data to us, then we'll enter
it for you! WasteTracking.com provides waste data
entry services to keep your waste and recycling
information up-to-date. For more information,
schedule a web demo.


Data Reporting
Generate comprehensive reports and view real-time statistics.

 Auto-populate LEED forms with one click
 Information roll up by tenant, building, and portfolio
 Material types generated
 Haulers and facilities used
 Recycling trends
 Carbon footprint emissions

Access and Security
 Access data from any device including personal
 computers, smart phones and tablets
 Control user level access
Completely configurable security settings.


Training and Support
 We'll set your system up and train your staff
 We also provide 1-on-1 training
 Tech support included
We make it easy!

Improving your building's performance
adds to the bottom line.

Optimize your efficiency to maximize your potential.

WasteTracking.com's mobile platform allows
you and your clients to interact through any
mobile device. Upload data, view statistics
and receive notifications anywhere anytime.

Share the News!
Communicate your recycling success
and share information through
WasteTracking.com's integrated social
media platform.


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