WasteTracking.com - track waste and recycling from construction projects, buildings, schools and businesses and generate comprehensive reports and analytics. Waste Tracking made easy!

Solutions For:

Cloud-Based WasteTracking System
for Retailers


Waste and recycling
information organized in one
central place


Monitor waste hauler
activity for compliance and
with LEED


Easily comply with laws,
regulations, policies
and requirements.


Generate comprehensive
reports with real time statistics

Why should
retailers track

The current regulatory environment requires that
retailers comply with specific environmental regulations
that were traditionally focused on the manufacturing
sector. At the same time, the environmental sustainability
movement has become a large influence on customers
and their shopping practices.
WasteTracking.com can help make you look good
while helping your business and the environment!

What We Do!
WasteTracking.com allows our customers to identify
recyclers and secondary processors for materials
generated by their business, while providing real time
data information to ensure proper characterization
and classification, resulting in compliant disposition
of waste materials.


Easy To Use
WasteTracking.com is designed for retail customers who
are looking for a comprehensive yet simple solution for
the management of all retail waste from one location or
multiple nationwide.

Our real-time cloud based platform is an important
environmental compliance reporting tool required by
federal and state agencies. You can view waste volume
data down to the site level, track waste profiles, examine
manifests and view invoices online.

How To Use
Classification  –  Determine what types of waste are being
generated by each location, and implement disposition
policies by store or chain wide.

Characterization  –  Use our Recycler Finder tool to
locate the nearest and best recycler to your location for
all your materials.

Compliance  –  Monitor your operations to comply with
state, local and federal regulations for proper disposal.


Track Any Materials
With WasteTracking.com, you can track any material
generated by your retail operation including hazardous
waste and eWaste.

Reduce Your Liability
Retailers are held liable for collection, storage,
transportation and disposal of Hazardous waste
generated by spills, leakages, handling of returned goods,
or any other form of discharge. WasteTracking.com
provides you with the tools you need to document, verify
and provide proof of proper disposal reducing
your exposure.


No More Paper!
Many retailers employ paper-based spreadsheets and
manual tools to assess, record and report evidence of waste
management. In the process, data and effort is often
duplicated across stores resulting in escalating costs. WasteTracking.com’s paperless easy to use interactive
real-time dashboard streamlines the monitoring and waste reporting process.

at a Glance

 View waste and recycling invoices and receipts
 Hazardous waste manifests
 Buy back receipts
 Diversion reports by store, by region and
 company wide


Information Is Knowledge
With WasteTracking.com your operation can:

 Negotiate Better Pricing
 Monitor Hauler Activity and Performance
 Locate Secondary Markets and Processors for
 Recycled Goods
 Perform Instant Waste Audits
 Generate Comprehensive Reports with
 Real Time Statistics
 Monitor Overall Compliance with your
 Waste Diversion Policies

Track and
Set Goals

 Track Ongoing Waste Streams from facilities
 and food services
 Set recycling goals and compliance alerts


Business Value
Expose opportunities to enhance your waste and
recycling information's value for better productivity
and efficiency.

 Characterize risk and cost issues
 Sharpen zero-waste policies
 Improve your image

What's unique?
Wastetracking.com analyzes your data, and alerts you
to any non-compliance red flags, highlights diversion
opportunities and displays an overall view of your
Return on Recycling (ROR) with a single, user-friendly
management dashboard.


Interactive Analytics
WasteTracking.com maximizes the value of your waste
and recycling data for interactive and actionable
intelligence. Data is presented in ways that easily identifies
risks and opportunities to enhance the value of your
zero-waste policies.

Customizable Reporting
Generate comprehensive reports with real-time statistics
to optimize decision-making capabilities. Export any or
all of your data to a multitude of file formats including
Excel, PDF and more.


Central Visibility and Transparency
We provide a variety of tools and functions to allow your
organization to showcase your recycling achievements
whether it’s for compliance or simply good PR. Share your
waste and recycling information anywhere, anytime,
with clients, managers, co-workers or the world with our
social media dashboard.

Tracking your retail waste and recycling
never looked better.

Improve your image today, showcase your company's waste and recycling information.

WasteTracking.com's mobile platform allows
you and your clients to interact through any
mobile device. Upload data, view statistics
and receive notifications anywhere anytime.

Share the News!
Communicate your recycling success
and share information through
WasteTracking.com's integrated social
media platform.


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