WasteTracking.com - track waste and recycling from construction projects, buildings, schools and businesses and generate comprehensive reports and analytics. Waste Tracking made easy!

Solutions For:

Cloud-Based WasteTracking System
for Government Agencies


Implement waste and
recycling policies and programs


Receive non-compliance alerts
and notifications


Monitor waste flows and recycling
activity from all business sectors


Generate comprehensive reports
with real time statistics

The Problem
 According to the U.N., the world’s population will increase
 to 8.7 Billion by 2025
 75% of the population will live in cities
 The amount of trash generated will be triple what it
 is today
What are we going to do with all this waste?

Short-Term Solutions
 Implement recycling laws, regulations and requirements
 Use technology and equipment to process materials
 Create more reusable products and packaging
 Better communication for how and where to recycle
How much waste are you dealing with?
Where does it come from?
Where does it go, and more importantly, where did it go?

WasteTracking.com gives you the answers your need.


Our focus is to provide the best software for monitoring and
tracking waste generated by:

 Construction Projects
 Recycling Facilities
 Schools and Campuses
We make waste tracking easy!

Our System
 Implementing and enforcing waste policies
 Educating and directing the public on how and
 where to recycle
 Monitoring compliance
 Tracking results
 Generating reports
 Proof of disposal or recycling
 Chain of custody
Knowledge is power!


Our Experience
 We work with cities of all sizes
 We understand how city managers, public workers and
 building departments operate
 We help cities implement policies for a better way of life
 We go beyond compliance and establish
 sustainable systems
 We provide better decision-making capabilities that save
 time and money
 We help create secondary markets and establish
 the pipelines
 We turn trash into cash
We can assist in setting up the entire system!

Configure, Enforce, Monitor
 Create and implement recycling programs with
 monitoring capabilities
 Set diversion requirements
 Load approved facilities and haulers
 Set alerts and notifications
 Control user levels and access
 Enforce policy and monitor compliance
Go live in minutes!


 Real-Time statistics
 Material Information:  Material types and
 volume information
 Where it came from:  Identification of material source
 and generator
 Where it went:  Disposal of materials, reused,
 recycled and disposed
 How well is my policy working?
You can't count what you can't measure!

 Chain of custody
 Direct waste to the proper facilities
 Connect with city software
 Connect with technologies
 Mobile devices
 Carbon footprint
All of your waste and recycling information in one place!


The Future
 Predictive waste flow analytics
 Directed processing pipelines
 Materials as commodities
 True cradle to grave system
 Optimized routing solutions
 Reactive facility capacities
 Highly efficient waste management system
Today’s answer, tomorrow’s solution.

Smart Information.  Smart Waste.
Smart City.

Trash will always be part of our lives, with smart technologies it doesn’t have to be total waste.

Are you relying on waste reports from recycling facilities for your reporting? How do you know they're true? Learn how WasteTracking.com can help you verify Recycling Facility recovery rates and provide you with numbers you can rely on.

WasteTracking.com's mobile platform allows
you and your clients to interact through any
mobile device. Upload data, view statistics
and receive notifications anywhere anytime.

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